USAG Bavaria Provost Marshal


Chances are you own a number of items that you would consider extremely valuable. It would be a shame not to ensure that you secure these items on a daily basis. 


If by chance, someone steals your valuables and a police investigation reveals that you did not secure your property, you may not receive reimbursement for the loss. 


If you leave your TA-50 in your car and it is stolen, you may be held liable for the loss of military equipment by having to pay for it instead of being reimbursed.


Never store military items inside your POV – on or off post.


It is a good idea always to have renter’s insurance for your personal property.


Another good idea is to keep a list of all of your valuables to include the serial number.  Additionally, snap photos or video of your valuable items. This will allow you to prove the condition that your property was in to support your insurance claim.