USAG Bavaria Provost Marshal


Security and law enforcement personnel cannot be everywhere at all times. We rely on you to report suspicious behavior by calling your local MPs or submitting an iWatch report


There are many indicators of suspicious behavior. Studies have shown that prior to an attack, potential attackers perform reconnaissance on targets to detect vulnerabilities. 


Maintaining your situational awareness is the best way to prevent becoming an unwitting victim of an attack. Know your surroundings and avenues of escape if needed.  Meet with your S2 prior to any travel – especially internationally. 


Here are some other tips to keep in mind:


  • Be vigilant. Constantly be aware of people and vehicles in your vicinity.


  • Be familiar with normal surroundings so you can recognize abnormal occurrences.


  • Observe and report abandoned boxes, cars, or briefcases. Report suspicious mail or delivery packages.


  • Be alert for surveillance, or attempts to test security systems and emergency response. Report any unusual interest by local persons in installation security procedures.


  • Be suspicious about questions from strangers about your family members or coworkers.