USAG Bavaria Provost Marshal


You have heard it before but it’s worth saying again…Do not drink and drive. 


If you do decide to go out with friends and have a drink, make sure that you have a plan to be safe beforehand. Have a designated driver.


Here are a few facts concerning alcohol consummation here in Germany:


  • The Blood Alcohol Concentration, or BAC limit, is 0.05 per milliliter. It is important to realize that even after you take your last sip of alcohol, your BAC will continue to rise for the next two hours.


  • If one night you decide to continually drink without giving your body a chance to recover, chances are your BAC level could be high enough the following morning for you to be considered intoxicated.


  • Alcohol will have a stronger effect on your body if you have not eaten beforehand. Contrary to the prevalent myth, coffee, food or fresh air has no effect on your BAC.


Here are some of the administrative penalties that you could face if you are caught operating a vehicle while under the influence:


  • For a first offense: A €500 fine, a 180-day to 1-year suspension, and 6 points added against your USAREUR license.


  • For your second offense: A €1,000 fine, 5-year license revocation, and 6 points added to your USAREUR license.


  • And for a third offense: A €1,500 fine, indefinite revocation of your USAREUR license with no exceptions.


Drinking and driving is not worth it. 


Drive smart. Drive safe.