The ACS Family Advocacy Program helps Soldiers and their families recognize and meet the unique challenges of military lifestyles. Services include seminars, workshops and supportive services to help strengthen Army families, enhance resiliency, build relationship skills and improve quality of life.


By Kelly Thornborrow, Family Advocacy Program Educator


GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — Emergency Placement Care (EPC) through the ACS Family Advocacy Program is a vital resource supporting our USAG Bavaria community.


Comparative to short term foster care, this Army program helps military children and their families in their time of need get care and support and does not lead to the adoption of children placed.


The ACS Family Advocacy Program is actively seeking families that want to support their community and make a difference in the lives of children to become EPC providers and grow USAG Bavaria community’s support network.


Individuals interested in becoming providers can come from all backgrounds. All families are welcome to apply.


Providers must be at least 21 years of age and be in good physical health. In order to provide placements, individuals must reside in on- or off-post U.S. government owned, government leased, or private rental housing.


At least one year remaining in Germany is needed to become a provider.


Additionally, individuals must have adequate income to meet the needs of their own family and the children placed in their care.


All individuals in the home must be able to pass a childcare background check and home safety inspection. Ideally, the background check process takes 90 days from start to finish. However other factors may impact the length of this process. The extended childcare background checks are an important way the EPC program ensures the safety of children and are preformed regardless of family member jobs or preexisting clearances.


To ensure that homes of EPC providers are able to support an EPC placed child, there are a few home requirements necessary for the program. The home should not have any hazards to the safety of the children. Children of the opposite sex cannot share the same bedroom and all children must have their own bed. However, separate bedrooms are not required for the children.


If you are interested in becoming an EPC provider, contact the USAG Bavaria ACS Family Advocacy Program at 09662-83-2650.


An EPC Coordinator will contact you to set up an interview with you and your family.


During the application process families will go through background checks, child and home safety training, a home study, and a home safety inspection.


Following the approval of an application, EPC families will be ready to open their homes to children in need with the support of the ACS Family Advocacy program.