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VILSECK, Germany — The 7th Army Training Command claims office at USAG Bavaria processes claims filed by active-duty service members and DOD civilians against the U.S. government.


Here’s what you need to know.       


  • If you notice any damaged or lost items at delivery, notify the transportation service provider (TSP) immediately by noting it on the Notification of Loss/Damage at Delivery form that will be presented to you for signature when your household goods are delivered.


  • Confirm all items listed on your high value inventory have arrived and are undamaged while the TSP representatives are still at your home.


  • Keep a running list of items you discover that are lost or damaged as you are unpacking, everything must be listed on your notification of loss and/or damage (NOLD).


  • Notification must be made within 75 days from the date of delivery to the TSP on


  • If you have met the 75 day requirement, you then have 9 months from the date of delivery to file a claim with the TSP, also done on


  • Do not dispose of any items that are damaged until your claim is settled.


  • Spouses can file claims with a valid power of attorney.


  • If you need assistance filing your claim, please bring the following to the claims office:
    • mil username and password
    • All shipping documents (must include inventory)
    • Copy of sponsor’s orders
    • Power of attorney (if spouse is filing a claim)
    • Vehicle Inspection Form (if claim is for vehicle shipped on orders)


The 7th Army Training Command legal services webpage at USAG Bavaria is


If you have any questions, contact a claims office near you.


The claims office in Grafenwoehr is DSN 569-0529/0531, CIV 09641-70-569-0529/0531.


In Vilseck, dial DSN 599-7714/7715, CIV 09662-70-599-7714/7715.


In Hohenfels dial DSN 522-2817, CIV 09472-708-2817.


Those stationed in Garmisch should contact the Grafenwoehr office.


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