Hohenfels artists, ages six – 12, competed in five different categories and in two age groups at the 2020 BGCA Art Exhibition, Jan. 17. Photo by Christina Wilson, USAG Bavaria Public Affairs.


HOHENFELS, Germany — The Hohenfels Boys and Girls Clubs of America showcased their artistic talents at the 2020 BGCA Art Exhibition award ceremony here, Jan. 17.


Little artists, ages six to 12, competed in five different categories and in two age groups.  All 11 participants were awarded with a certificate during the ceremony.


The categories of artwork submissions included:


  • Monochromatic Drawing. Art work that consisted of one color and tint.


  • Mixed Media: Artwork consisting of more than one media used in the same piece.


  • Collage: Artwork of cut or ripped paper arrangement on a 2-D surface.


  • Print Making: Creation of one artist using a printmaking process.


  • Multi-colored drawing: Artwork of multiple colors using pencils, markers or ink.


During two weeks of submission of their art, judges and community votes were carefully taken into considerations to determine whose artwork would be shown in the regional showcase in Baumholder. Having the chance to win their Art Exhibition could lead to participating in the national show in Atlanta, Georgia.


The winners of this year’s exhibition in Hohenfels are:


  • Travis Rice, Monochromatic Drawing


  • Christian Wilkinson, Mixed Media


  • Amiri Walker, Multi-colored Drawing


  • Michael Tikhonenkov, Collage


  • Kaydance Pope, Printed Media


Isaia Falealii of Program Associate Tech Lab, for the School Activity Center at Hohenfels, expressed his thoughts on the importance of award ceremonies, and recognizing the participants — especially when they are children.


“I believe award ceremonies are crucial for kids because they get to show their art pieces and it allows them to express themselves on how they see the world,” Falealii said.


Hohenfels Boys & Girls Clubs of America registration is open to youth in grades six to 12. Parents or legal guardians must complete a Middle School/Teen registration packet for each eligible teen. Packets are available at the Hohenfels Youth Center, Bldg. 72, or Parent Central Services located in the Central Processing facility, Bldg. 10.


Registration is free. Registered youth can participate in annual BGCA sponsored photo, fine arts, music and video competitions. The program provides training and materials.

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