By Julian Temblador, USAG Bavaria Public Affairs


GRAFENWOEHR, Germany ­­— Speed limits are being reduced to 20 kph during PT hours, Monday – Friday from 6 – 8 a.m., on the main roads at both Tower and Rose Barracks, effective Feb. 18, 2020.


The Directorate of Emergency Services will increase their patrols to enforce this new change.


There are 11 new PT speed limit signs going up at Rose Barracks — approximately 100 feet after major intersections and at intermediate locations along the major roadways.


Roads on Tower and Rose Barracks will change their speed limits from 30 kph to 20 kph during PT hours.


New signs are posted and will go into effect Feb. 18, 2020.


The speed reductions increase the safety of all personnel on Tower and Rose Barracks.


Community members behind the wheel of an automobile are reminded to err on the side of caution during PT hours and yield to troops in PT formation. Pay attention to traffic signs.