Due to the delayed PCS season and the variance of school options in many US School Districts, DoDEA has obtained temporary authority to enroll eligible dependents in the DoDEA Virtual School (DVS) for the entire first semester prior to arrival in an overseas DoDEA location.  Families must arrive by September 30th, 2020, to be considered for early registration and remain enrolled in the Virtual School for the entire semester.

To learn more about DoDEA’s expanded K-12 Virtual School, please go to https://www.dodea.edu/returntoschool.cfm and select the “Virtual Option” tab.  You may also view information specific to the K-8 Virtual School at https://www.dodea.edu/DVSK8/index.cfm.

Families that will arrive in their DoDEA location by September 30th, 2020, are encouraged to consult with DoDEA Partnership about the educational options to make the informed decision about the way ahead for their children.  You may reach out to the team assigned to help support at any time by writing to HQ.partnership@dodea.edu.

For all students, depending on volume, the process of getting fully engaged once registered may be up to two weeks, but once courses and teachers are assigned, students will be set for the semester.  For students in grades K-5, print materials are part of the program and are available to print and download.  Upon arrival to your overseas location, those materials will be available at your local school.  For K-8 students, electives are limited and pre-determined.  For students in grades 9-12, course offerings may be limited in both number of courses and variety.

If a family prefers for dependents to enter the brick and mortar school when they arrive, regardless of whether that school is currently operating in-person or remote, the family should wait to be at the permanent duty station to complete registration for a DoDEA school.  Students should be enrolled in their local non-DoDEA school until the PCS move.

Once a family is confident that they would like to take advantage of early enrollment in the DoDEA Virtual School, they should follow the following process:

  1. Family contacts the regional point of contact for the Pacific at PacificRegistration@dodea.edu or in Europe at EuropeRegistration@dodea.edu who will provide the parent the proper information necessary for online registration.
  2. With the information provided from the region, complete the DoDEA Online Registration for Students (DORS) at https://www.dodea.edu/DORS/ which includes uploading orders.
  3. The school registrar will complete registration in the assigned DoDEA school and process enrollment in the Virtual School.
  4. Once staff and classes are assigned (this could take 1-2 weeks), the teacher will reach out for student orientation.
  5. When family arrives in country, they notify the local DoDEA school to confirm arrival and participation in the virtual school.

DoDEA looks forward to providing families what they need to ease transition in this uncertain time.

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