GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — The Army has begun its annual Tenant Satisfaction Survey to gather feedback about living in Army housing.


An online survey link was emailed Dec. 2, 2020, to more than 110,000 tenants living in privatized, government-owned and government-leased housing across the globe. Completing the survey takes about 10 minutes. Tenants have until Jan. 30, 2021, to complete the confidential survey.


 Army privatized, government-owned and government-leased housing tenants can rate their satisfaction with services, property and the overall housing experience through the online survey. Feedback is used by the Army to help maintain a high quality of life for service members and their families. 


Results will guide the decisions the Army makes today about future housing. 


In a recent Facebook Live town hall, the chief of housing for USAG Bavaria, Norma Trussl, said, “This is a way for you to let us know how we are doing. This will help us identify our critical areas.” 


Col. Christopher Danbeck, the garrison commander of USAG Bavaria, also affirmed the importance of the survey.


“The survey is really important,” Danbeck said. “For us to get better at serving you, we need to hear more about what the issue and concerns are.”


Housing tenants who do not receive the survey notice email should contact their local garrison housing offices. CEL & Associates Inc., an independent third-party group, will conduct the survey.


The Tenant Satisfaction Survey is Office of Management and Budget approved: OMB Control Number 0704-0553; OMB Expiration Date 03/31/2022.


For more information about USAG Bavaria Housing, visit


Editor’s Note: The deadline to complete this survey has been extended to Jan. 30, 2021. The article has been updated to reflect this change.

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