GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — USAG Bavaria made improvements to its vehicle service webpages earlier this week to eliminate customer confusion. Community members will find that services involving vehicle inspection, registration and driver’s license issuance are now hosted on separate webpages. 


“When combined, the old pages confused personnel,” says Richard Camacho, deputy director with USAG Bavaria’s DES. “It gave the false impression vehicle registration and vehicle inspection were one entity. Personnel would inadvertently schedule an online inspection appointment and believe they had made a registration appointment.” 


Community members can quickly access these two webpages from USAG Bavaria’s homepage, under the ‘My Bavaria’ tab. Additionally, the new layout allows web users to easily transition between vehicle services webpages. 

USAG Bavaria Homepage (left); One of three new vehicle service pages (right)


“The impact is positive, as personnel will now have the understanding the process involves multiple entities,” says Camacho. 


He advises that when initially arriving to USAG Bavaria, all personnel should review the updated vehicle services flow chart — located in the first paragraph of the webpages. It provides step-by-step instructions for POV ownership.  


Personnel with questions about driver testing, vehicle registrations, transfers, plates, insurance and more, are encouraged to first review the checklists and flow charts listed on these webpages. If further questions or clarification is needed, personnel are encouraged to contact the correlating office for assistance. 


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