GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — The Tower Barracks Postal Center recently improved its sorting process through the introduction of new handheld Zebra TC77 mobile devices. The TC77 enables postal employees to scan, print and track labels all from a single device.

Tower Barracks USPS is the beta-testing site for the entire U.S. Army footprint in Europe.


“They are helping to increase our processing speed around the facility and increase the accountability at the delivery window,” said Michelle Dickinson, custodian of postal effects for the Tower Barracks USPS.



Now, more than ever, community members are ordering online and shipping their goods to the Tower Barracks post office.


“Compared to two years ago, we see over a 40% increase of mail for any given month,” Dickinson said.


With mail acting as an essential lifeline for many community members, the postal center made it a goal to prioritize efficiencies and cutting down customer wait times.


“Before these devices, it had taken three people to call, key and sticker the package before getting it to a customer,” said Dickinson. “With these devices, the process can be done by just one employee.”


To further improve processing speed, customers are instructed to verify that their e-mail is up-to-date.


“It’s going to be necessary that everyone has their correct e-mail on file with our facility,” Dickinson said. “We are moving away from the 3907 form. We are moving to a completely electronic system that provides notifications through e-mail.”


The 3907 form is the paper ticket currently found in mailboxes that notify customers when a package is waiting to be collected. In phasing out the 3907 form, postal employees will ensure accountability of all packages by scanning customers’ CACs. The same service will be extended to customers without CACs, who will be required to sign directly on the TC77 device.

Lastly, to better serve customers and reduce waiting times, USPS Tower Barracks officials say they will now deliver small parcels straight to a customer’s P.O. box — if they fit.

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