USDA News Release

Highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) virus is a highly infectious disease affecting wild and domestic birds. The disease can be devastating for domestic poultry. Unlike most other bird diseases, this virus has also infected mammals, including cats, pigs, and is potentially infectious for humans. However, the virus remains poorly adapted to humans, and transmission from birds to humans is very infrequent.

How it is Spread: Avian influenza viruses can be transmitted directly from wild birds to domestic poultry and also indirectly through contaminated material. Equipment, vehicles and any outdoor articles contaminated with bird droppings can spread the virus to bird populations in the US. Contaminated footwear from farms in Europe can also spread the virus.

What You Can Do: Stage all cargo, vehicles and other articles bound for the US indoor when possible. Inspect all articles stored outdoors including containers, vehicles, equipment and outdoor household items for bird droppings. Re-inspect often and ensure all articles are 100% clean of bird dropping contamination before shipment to the US. Ensure all footwear in household effects and baggage is clean and free of soil. Address any issues with birds in warehouses and other indoor storage areas immediately.

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