On April 25, Grafenwoehr Training Area leadership provided briefings and a windshield tour to special host nation guests that oversee local and state level construction offices across Bavaria. From left to right: Bavarian State Construction Department Chief Daniel Oden, USAG Bavaria DPW Branch Chief Andrea Hoesl, USAG Bavaria Commander Col. Christopher R. Danbeck, State Construction Office Amberg-Sulzbach Department Chief Roman Beer, Bavarian State Minister for Construction Kerstin Schreyer, State Construction Office Amberg-Sulzbach Branch Chief Tina Kinder, 7th Army Training Command Commander Brig. Gen. Christopher R. Norrie, GTA German Military Representative Florian Rommel. (Photo by Donald Wrenn / USAG Bavaria Public Affairs).

GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — On April 25, the Bavarian State Minister for Construction, Kerstin Schreyer, visited the Grafenwoehr Training Area to learn about on-going and planned construction projects of the U.S. Army and the German Bundeswehr.
Her ministry and the local Bavarian state construction offices oversee, and assist with, all construction on military installations across Bavaria.
Schreyer stated that the U.S. military and the Bundeswehr can count on the continued support of her ministry. Following the briefings, the windshield tour focused on construction areas within Camp Aachen, Camp Algiers and Camp Normandy. Additionally, the tour showcased the Grafenwoehr cantonment area and the Netzaberg Chapel.

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