By Laura Garcia, program specialist with Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP)


GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — Summertime is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a meal outdoors. While enjoying picnics, barbecues and potlucks outside, follow these Summer Sense Campaign tips to help prevent cases of foodborne illness. 

  1. Keep your hands clean by washing them often
  2. Keep cold foods cold and hot foods hot
  3. Use a thermometer to ensure that dishes are cooked to the correct temperature 
  4. Do not let food sit out for too long and refrigerate quickly after use
  5. Avoid cross-contaminating foods
    • Keep food surfaces clean by washing preparation areas frequently
    • Keep separate cutting boards for meat and veggies
    • Keep your prep tools clean – wash cutting boards, knives and other utensils frequently


Following these basic tips will help to ensure a fun and enjoyable summer.  A trip to the medical clinic should not be a part of your summer plans! In the case that emergency services are required on-post (involving a fire, accident, medical, natural or man-made disaster), please dial DSN 112 or CIV 09641-83-112.


The 2021 Summer Sense Campaign runs from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Every week, ASAP expects to bring the segments of the campaign to the small screen with videos and fun facts broadcasted via AFN TV. Then return to this article for the discussed recipes, quizzes and more.