An open letter from USAG Bavaria Garrison Commander Col. Christopher Danbeck addressed to the community:


We are having some challenges with our Vehicle Registration in and out-processing procedures that we would like to share with you. We also need your assistance to help us through the Summer PCS surge, as we navigate these processes with reduced resources as one garrison — U.S. Army Garrison Bavaria.


What we are doing to improve our system:

  • Two hiring actions are complete at the Grafenwoehr office, and the team is working to onboard and train those new employees.
  • Once the new employees are fully trained, we plan to add some walk-in hours at the Grafenwoehr and Hohenfels locations. Currently the service system is by appointment only, so please standby until we make the official announcement.
  • The future walk-in service is aimed to solve the problem of newcomers waiting three to four weeks to obtain service.
  • We are in the process of adding two additional employment opportunities for German local nationals — one at the Grafenwoehr office and one at the Hohenfels office. Once the positions are approved by the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center, they will be listed on the USAG Bavaria Employment website. Please keep an eye on these job listings, as they are updated weekly.


What we need USAG Bavaria community members to do:

  • Please understand the requirements and how the process works in order to receive the most efficient services. Knowing what is needed, and having everything ready when you arrive at the Vehicle Registration office, will ensure a seamless appointment. The team does not have time to answer the phone and answer questions, because of the heavy workload.
    • The in-processing procedures are outlined in this flow chart.
    • The out-processing procedures are outlined in this flow chart.
    • Everything else you need to know can be found under the checklists and exception to policy sections on the USAG Bavaria Vehicle Registration Services Homepage. There is documentation for 14 total checklists, 7 total exception to policy waivers and more.
  • Do not make multiple appointments and then not show up — this issue is happening routinely. This activity does not help the situation, and it makes wait times worse for everyone.
  • If you do not need an appointment, please cancel the booking.
  • Do put yourself on the waitlist, because there are good chances that an appointment will open up last minute.
  • Sponsors: Please educate your new arrivals about this process before they arrive to USAG Bavaria. The staff can only process as many transactions as time allows.
  • Personnel shipping vehicles outbound: Please prepare in advance as much as possible to ensure that you can get an appointment and meet your shipping timelines.
  • Soldiers and civilians may need to go to Hohenfels for service because of a personnel shortage at Grafenwoehr. We are one Garrison so we have to pool our resources to provide the maximum number of services that resources allow. 


Lastly, please be professional and have patience. Our team is doing its very best to provide the best service possible within our constraints. We have experienced incidents of customers mistreating our staff with inappropriate comments and gestures. These behaviors are unacceptable and not helpful. 


Everyone needs this service and it must be timely, so we all have to work together to make the situation work as best as it can!