DODEA Press Release


ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The request window for students entering virtual option kindergarten for the 2021 to 2022 school year is now open through Aug. 18, or until all available spaces are filled. Parents are committing their student(s) to be enrolled in DoDEA Virtual School for the full school year. DoDEA eligibility requires that families with students in DVS be enrolled and remain within the geographical attendance area of a local brick and mortar DoDEA school.


Parents will be notified of the status of their request for the virtual option for SY 2021-22 within a week of applying, no later than Aug. 20. If all available spaces are filled, a wait list will be maintained and parents of the next student(s) in line will be notified as openings become available. DoDEA parents are required to register their kindergarten student(s) at the local DoDEA school before they submit a request for the virtual option. To complete the request form, parents will need the DoDEA student email address (obtained from the local school).


To submit a full-time virtual option kindergarten request, please fill out the form at this link:


Parents of students with health vulnerabilities, who miss the registration deadline, may request student enrollment in the virtual option after they register through their brick and mortar DoDEA school. The DoDEA District Superintendent, in consultation with the regional Virtual School Administrator, will approve or deny any additional enrollments into DVS for the full-time virtual option. For more information, please visit the DoDEA Virtual School website at:

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