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Bavarian Coat of Arms

Bavarian State Chancellery Press Release


MUNICH — The Bavarian Cabinet decided in a circulation procedure on Sept. 30, 2021:


  1. The 14th Bavarian Infection Protection Measures Ordinance will be extended by four weeks up to and including Oct. 29, 2021.
  2. In order to relieve the classroom and with a view to the regular tests, the mask requirement in classrooms, other school events and lunchtime care will no longer apply from Monday, Oct. 4 — even if the minimum distance to the person sitting next to you is not maintained at the seat.
  3. As already decided by the Council of Ministers on Aug. 31, clubs and discos will be reopened from Oct. 1. The 3G model applies with the proviso that negative test evidence can only be provided by a PCR test (3G plus). This also applies to employees with customer contact, who have to undergo PCR tests at least twice a week. Loud music, dancing without a distance and the dispensing of beverages at the counter is permitted as is customary in the industry. There is no mask requirement. Consistent controls must be ensured. Violations will be fined. Under the same conditions, brothels can also reopen from Oct. 1.
  4. The previous ban on folk festivals and public festivities no longer applies. Folk festivals can take place again within the framework of incidence-independent 3G and other generally applicable regulations (catering in the beer tent, etc.).
  5. The state government confirms that in the coming Advent and Christmas season, subject to particularly negative developments in the infection situation, open-air Christmas and Christmas markets will be possible again in Bavaria. If necessary, regulations will be issued in good time.
  6. The State Ministry of Health and Care will make the necessary changes to the law and adjust the associated catalog of fines. The respective responsible state ministries will publish the general hygiene plans in a timely manner.