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Bavarian Coat of Arms

Bavarian State Chancellery Press Release


MUNICH — On Nov. 3, the Bavarian State Government passed several changes to the current Corona rules and regulations in response to the current continuing increase of infections in Bavaria.


Following is a summary of the announced changes:


1) The 14th Bavarian Infection Protection Measures Ordinance will be changed effective Saturday, Nov. 6, 2021.


2) A regional hotspot regulation is being introduced. It is applied under the following conditions:

  • The red hospital traffic light measures will apply in counties that:
    • Belong to one emergency control center area in which the available intensive care beds are already at least 80% full
    • And a 7-day incidence above 300
  • The respective county will announce this, and measures apply from the day following the announcement. They end as soon as the county has determined that a parameter is below the stated values ​​for three days.


3) The hospital traffic light rules are changed as follows:

Yellow Level – The yellow level applies:

  • Once more than 1,200 Covid patients have been admitted to a Bavarian hospital nationwide in the previous seven days or
  • NEW:  If more than 450 intensive care beds are occupied with Covid patients across the country.

As soon as one of the two conditions applies, the following applies state-wide from the day following the determination:

  • Standard mask is the FFP2 mask (instead of a medical face mask)
  • All facilities, events, etc. that were previously accessible according to 3G rules will then only be accessible according to 3G Plus: non-immunized persons can only participate with a current PCR test.
  • Within these areas, which are only accessible to vaccinated, convalescent and PCR-tested persons; however, there is no relief for mask, distance or personal limits.
  • The only exceptions are universities and extracurricular educational offers, including vocational training, further education and training, as well as libraries and archives — here the access option also applies with a quick test (3G).
  • For clubs, discos, brothels and comparable leisure facilities, 2G is mandatory for the yellow level.

Red Level – The red level applies:

  • As soon as more than 600 intensive care beds across the country are occupied with Covid patients.

As soon as this is the case according to the determination of the State Ministry of Health and Care, the following applies nationwide from the day following the determination:

  • Facilities, events, etc. that are otherwise accessible under 3G rules are then only accessible under 2G, i.e. only for vaccinated and convalescent people, not for those who have been tested. The legal consequences that apply to normal 2G exist within these areas.
  • Gastronomy, hotels and body-friendly services are excluded here. Here 3G plus applies.
  • In universities, extracurricular educational offers including vocational training, further education and training, as well as libraries and archives, the possibility of access also applies with a rapid test (3G).
  • The access regulation “3G” (simple quick test twice a week is sufficient) also applies in companies with more than 10 employees in the case of the red level for all employees who have contact with other people during their work (regardless of whether they are customers, other employees or other people ). However, this does not apply to retail and public transport.


4) Quarantine regulations:

  • Quarantine period for close contacts was increased to at least seven days.
  • In regions with a high infection rate, the possibility of free testing for close contact persons will also no longer be possible in the future and the quarantine period will generally be 10 days.


The original press release is available at https://www.bayern.de/bericht-aus-der-kabinettssitzung-vom-3-november-2021/?seite=2453