Staff Sgt. Brett Landry with his wife, Alexys, in their new home on Tower Barracks, U.S. Army Garrison Bavaria, Grafenwoehr. (U.S. Army photo by Andreas Kreuzer / USAG Bavaria Public Affairs)

GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — The Directorate of Public Works finished kitchen renovations at Tower Barracks Building 275, which is an apartment complex that fits 12 families on U.S. Army Garrison Bavaria. By October, the first occupants moved in and love the new cooking opportunities.

This latest renovation is a major update, including the installation of new
 kitchens and new kitchen floors. This project started in September 2019, and it was completed in July 2021 with a total cost of $230,605. After two months of final preparation, the first occupants moved in. 

Pre-cooked food for workday meal preparation is displayed in the brand new kitchen. (U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Brett Landry)

“When I initially inspected the apartment, the first thing that caught my
 attention was the elegant and modern kitchen,” said Staff Sgt. Brett Landry. “Since living here for a month, having such a spacious and accessible kitchen allows me to reach my full potential and be efficient when it comes to cooking every night and prepping meals for every work week. Cooking in this kitchen will make any Soldier’s life easier.”

Even more renovations are planned in the near future for this building and others on-post. New bathrooms and wardrobes are on the list with an estimated budget of $850,000.


Tower Barracks Building 275 was originally built in 1972 — in times of the Cold War. Prior to this kitchen upgrade, the last renovations were done in 2002 when all the bathrooms were renovated.


While the apartment is within walking distance to the Tower Barracks infrastructure, Landry’s spouse thinks bigger and enjoys living in the middle of Europe.

“Since being in Bavaria and living with my husband, I have noticed that it is
 amazing to experience new areas — especially in Europe considering everything is so close to us,” said Alexys Landry.

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