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Bavarian Coat of Arms

Bavarian State Chancellery Press Release


MUNICH — On Nov. 23, the Bavarian State Government announced several changes to the current Corona rules and regulations that will be put in the new 15th BAV Infection Ordinance that will go into effect tomorrow, Nov. 24, and will be valid through Dec. 15.


Following is a summary of the announced changes:


On Nov. 24 (effective date) a new 15th BayIfSMV will be issued, which replaces the previous 14th BayIfSMV, and is to apply up to and including Dec. 15, 2021. It regulates the following — building on the previously applicable measures:


For those who have not been vaccinated / who have not recovered, applies statewide

  • Contact restrictions: You may only meet up to a maximum of five people from a maximum of two households. Vaccinated, convalescent and children under the age of 12 do not count.


The 2G rule is being expanded across the board and exceptions are largely being deleted. 2G will therefore also apply in future to:

  • Body-hugging services (including hairdressers)
  • Universities
  • Extra-curricular education (music schools, driving schools, adult education centers, etc.)
  • Vocational training, further education and training
  • Libraries and Archives
  • Events organized by political parties and electoral associations.

 With exception of:

  • Wholesale and retail
  • Medical, therapeutic and nursing services (e.g. foot care, speech therapy or physiotherapy)
  • Exams (for constitutional reasons only 3G plus applies here)
  • Unvaccinated 12 to 17 year olds who regularly test negative in school. You can temporarily access 2G until the end of December for your own sporting, musical or acting activities, in restaurants and in the accommodation sector. This last transition period until the end of December should urgently be used for a vaccination.

In future, children up to 12 years and 3 months will be admitted to 2G without vaccination.


In the future, 2G plus will apply in the following areas (so vaccinated and convalescent people also need a daily negative rapid test):

  • Cultural events (opera, theater, concerts, etc.)
  • Sports events (as a spectator)
  • Trade fairs, meetings, congresses
  • Leisure facilities (e.g. zoos, botanical gardens, baths, thermal baths, saunas, cable cars and excursion boats, guided tours, show caves and visitor mines, amusement parks, indoor playgrounds, etc.)
  • Private and public events in non-private rooms (e.g. Christmas parties, weddings, birthdays, etc.), unless gastronomy


Where 2G plus applies, the following supplementary regulations apply:

  • There are upper personal limits. A maximum of 25% of the capacity may be used both indoors and outdoors. Trade fairs are only allowed to allow a quarter of the previous number of visitors (i.e. a maximum of 12,500 people per day).
  • A mask must be worn again at all events indoors, including when in the seat.
  • In addition, the minimum distance must be kept to people who do not belong to your own household. The maximum number of participants is also determined by the possibility of maintaining the minimum distance.
  • The following applies to private and public events in non-private rooms: Outside of catering, there is a capacity-related upper limit for people (25% or minimum distance). The mask requirement does not apply in the seat (as in the gastronomy).


The following also applies across the state and for everyone:

  • There is a curfew between 22:00 and 5:00 in the gastronomy sector.
  • Discos, clubs, brothels and similar leisure facilities as well as pubs (bars) will be closed.
  • Annual and Christmas markets and folk festivals will not take place.
  • In wholesale and retail there is a customer limit of one customer per 10 m2 of retail space.


We want to further increase safety at school:

In future, masks will also have to be worn in school sports. The new federal law (§ 28b IfSG) will apply directly to the testing of teachers in the future, with daily testing requirements. Unvaccinated, non-recovered teachers must then be tested under supervision in the future. In schools that take part in pool tests (“lollipop tests”), an additional quick test will be introduced on Monday morning. Third parties, especially parents, are only allowed to enter the school premises if they have been vaccinated, tested or recovered (3G).

For day-care centers, the employees there also have to test daily according to Section 28b IfSG. Third parties are only allowed to enter the premises if they have been vaccinated, tested or recovered (as in school), except for dropping off or picking up the children.


A regional hotspot lockdown applies in counties and urban districts that exceed a 7-day incidence of 1,000. The following applies here:

  • All facilities and events that were previously subject to access restrictions according to 2G plus / 2G / 3G plus / 3G are closed. This means in particular the closure of leisure, cultural and sporting events, gastronomy, accommodation, body-related services (except hairdressers), sports and cultural facilities and – with regard to their presence offers – universities, extracurricular educational institutions and vocational training and continued education and training.
  • The schools and day care centers remain open.
  • Wholesalers and retailers remain open, but there is a customer limit to one customer per 20 m2 of retail space.
  • As always, medical, therapeutic and nursing services remain accessible without access restrictions.
  • The competition and training operations of professional athletes as well as the top athletes of the national and state squads remain unaffected, provided that the presence of spectators is excluded and access to the sports facility is only granted to those people who are necessary for the competition or training operations or media reporting.

The hotspot lockdown applies in a county until the incidence value is below the incidence limit of 1,000 for five consecutive days.


The original govt. news release can be found at https://www.bayern.de/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/211123-Ministerrat-1.pdf

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