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Bavarian Coat of Arms

Bavarian State Chancellery Press Release


MUNICH — On Feb. 8, the Bavarian State Government announced changes to the current Corona rules and regulations that will be put in the 15th Bavarian Infection Protection Measures Ordinance. These changes will be effective on Feb. 9, and the ordinance will extended up to and include Feb. 23, 2022.


The following is a summary of the announced changes:


1. Extension of the 15th BayIfSMV up to and including Feb. 23, 2022

The Bavarian Council of Ministers decided today that the 15th Bavarian Infection Protection Measures Ordinance will be extended up to and including Feb. 23, 2022.


2. Event Capacity:

  • Sports events up to 50% capacity
  • Cultural events (including cinemas) up to 75% capacity
    • All with upper limit of 15,00 people / standing room is again possible / the existing regulations on restricted access (2G plus) and FFP2 mandatory masks remain in place
  • Cable cars (ski areas) up to 75% capacity
  • Trade fair daily limit 25,000 persons
  • 2G for pools, spas and saunas
  • 3G for body-related services (hairdressers, massages, pedicures)


2. Gastronomy

NO more mandatory closing time in gastronomy (closing times were mandated at 10 p.m., previously).


3. Daycare

Comparable to schools, a test certificate is to be provided daily for five days of care in daycare after a case of infection becomes known in a group. Parents will receive additional authorization certificates for this purpose.


4. Regional Hotspots

The regulations on regional hotspot lockdown will continue to be suspended up to and including February 23, 2022.


The original press release can be found at https://www.bayern.de/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/220208-Ministerrat.pdf

To view the unofficial translation of the 15th BayIfSMV from Jan. 13 – Feb. 9, click here.

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