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Bavarian Coat of Arms

Bavarian State Chancellery Press Release


MUNICH — The Bavarian State Government announced a new 16th Bavarian Infection Protection Measures Ordinance will come into force, which exhausts the framework of the basic protection measures still granted by the federal government. These changes will be effective on April 3, and the ordinance will extended up to and include April 30, 2022.


The following is a summary of the announced changes:


1. Past Regulations and Requirements Ease

Most restrictions will no longer apply due to the changed federal law. Bavaria’s state government is refraining from paving the way for a so-called hotspot regulation for certain regions or for all of Bavaria. And masks are only compulsory in a few areas.

  • 1A – Where masks are NOT compulsory, starting on April 3:
    • The mask requirement in school is ending. All school children in the Free State of Bavaria will no longer have to wear mouth and nose protection.
    • The mask requirement in retail and leisure facilities is ending***
      ***Please remember that in accordance with German Law, privately owned businesses (i.e. stores, hotels and restaurants) still have the right to enforce masks on their premises if they so choose. Be mindful if a private business asks that masks still be worn within their establishments.
      ***The responsibility for infection protection remains with the employer. Companies can carry out a risk assessment and continue to order the wearing of masks within the company, if necessary.
  • 1B – Where masks are STILL compulsory:
    • FFP2 masks are still mandatory in facilities that look after vulnerable groups of people (i.e. medical practices, hospitals, day clinics, full and partial inpatient care facilities, outpatient care services, prisons, homeless shelters and refugee shelters), and employees and visitors need a daily rapid test to gain access. According to the conference, vaccinated and recovered employees only have to test themselves twice a week; meanwhile, everyone else must test every day. 
    • FFP2 masks are still mandatory for local public transportation.
    • Tests will continue to be carried out regularly, and to the same extent as before, in school and daycare. The obligation to test in childcare facilities also applies during the Easter holidays. For the time after the Easter holidays, the Council of Ministers will decide in good time. The first day of school, after the Easter holidays in Bavaria, is April 25, 2022.

2. Voluntary Status

General protection and hygiene measures are still recommended on a voluntary basis, in particular maintaining the minimum distance, wearing medical face masks indoors and voluntary hygiene concepts (especially visitor management and disinfection). While employers can mandate that masks be worn at work, employers cannot mandate that individuals remove their masks (if worn voluntarily). 


The original press release can be found at: https://www.stmgp.bayern.de/coronavirus/

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