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‘Green Classroom’ to open at Rose Barracks

VILSECK, Germany — The Environmental Division here is an active force within the community. Recently, environmentalists and scientists within the division constructed what they’ve dubbed the Green Classroom, an outdoor habitat and virtual classroom in Vilseck situated near the Rose Barracks library.   Basically, it’s a leisure area for the…

September 2nd, 2015 Environmental

Put down the video games: How one school is turning kids back to nature

GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — Let’s face it. Kids today don’t get out much. According to research published in the journal Nature, 88 percent of kids spend time online every day and 69 percent play video games or watch television every day.   What’s more, kids ages 10-16 spend only 12.6 minutes…

June 24th, 2015 Environmental, Health & Lifestyle, School News