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Weisswurstfrühstueck: Everything to know about Bavaria’s traditional white sausage

GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — One of the most anticipated meals in southern Germany is the “Weisswurstfruehstueck,” or white sausage breakfast. Eating Weisswurst, or white sausage, is one of the many traditions a person can partake in when coming to Bavaria. But why do Germans eat it, and what is the right…

September 7th, 2021 Health & Lifestyle, News, Things You Didn't Know

Farmers’ markets offer healthy alternatives

GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — Growing everything from the famous white asparagus to the eponymous Hallertau hops, Bavaria continues to be the most important agricultural state and the largest producer of food in Germany.   But farming in Bavaria is more than sustenance, it’s tradition.   For centuries, townspeople have flocked to…

March 19th, 2021 Health & Lifestyle, News, Things You Didn't Know

German traditions similar to Halloween

GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — Halloween is gaining popularity in Germany, with many local nationals celebrating it in the same fashion as those living in the United States. But before Halloween, Germans long celebrated a similar holiday in April, called Hexennacht.   Halloween was introduced to Germany in the 1990s, according to…

October 16th, 2020 Holiday, News, Things You Didn't Know