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Farmers’ markets offer healthy alternatives

GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — Growing everything from the famous white asparagus to the eponymous Hallertau hops, Bavaria continues to be the most important agricultural state and the largest producer of food in Germany.   But farming in Bavaria is more than sustenance, it’s tradition.   For centuries, townspeople have flocked to…

March 19th, 2021 Health & Lifestyle, News, Things You Didn't Know

Medieval castle neighboring the Hohenfels Training Area

VELBURG, Germany — Numerous castle ruins are scattered across Germany, and Burgruine Velburg is extremely accessible from USAG Bavaria. Being that this historical site is located only 15 kilometers from the Hohenfels Training Area, it offers community members the perfect opportunity to get outdoors and learn about German culture.  …

March 12th, 2021 News, Travel

Amberg: A city full of rich history

AMBERG, Germany — Located only 30 minutes from Vilseck is the beautiful city of Amberg. It is full of rich history and locations ripe for exploration.   City tours are usually conducted by the Tourist-Information Center, but they are currently not available due to COVID-19. Instead, visit many of the…

December 2nd, 2020 News, Things You Didn't Know, Travel