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Santa, Nikolaus or Christkindl: Christmas traditions in Germany

By Johanna Lohwasser, USAG Bavaria Public Affairs Editor’s Note: While 2020’s COVID-19 environment changes a few of these traditions, such as St. Nikolaus not making in-person visits and canceled Christmas markets, the spirit of these customs continues on.   Germany’s original Christmas gift-bearer St. Nicholas — Sankt Nikolaus in German…

December 3rd, 2020 Holiday, News, Things You Didn't Know

Eco-friendly ways to deal with winter weather

By Megan McKnight with USAG Bavaria Environmental Division   GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — Ice and snow produce special sets of environmental challenges. How you decide to deal with these winter inconveniences impacts the ecosystem.   Salt, debris, dirt and other pollutants accumulate in snow and ice. As the accumulation melts, the…

November 9th, 2020 Environmental, News