GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — Halloween, the holiday that creeps up mid-fall, scaring away the rest of summer weather, is almost here. Before you grab the trick-or-treat bag, make sure to follow all garrison’s ground rules to stay safe.


USAG Bavaria safety staff established official trick-or-treat hours for Tuesday, Oct. 31 at the four military communities with housing areas: Tower Barracks, Rose Barracks, Hohenfels and Garmisch.


Garrison officials encourage residents living in leased or economy housing to escort their children to the nearest military housing area to participate in trick or treat fun.


During these times, military police will patrol on-post housing areas, and Netzaberg, to ensure festivities proceed safely.


Community members are strongly encouraged to avoid driving in housing areas during these hours. If motorists do find themselves on the road, they are reminded to drive with extreme caution. Many Halloween costumes are dark in color and can be difficult to see. Additionally, children wearing Halloween masks may limit a child’s field of vision.


Official trick-or-treat hours for all housing areas are from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.


The biggest challenge posed by garrison military police is tracking down or identifying lost children. Lt. Col. Mike Burden, director of the Directorate of Emergency Services, recommends that guardians pin family name and address to their child’s costume.


Garrison officials recommend DOD parents escort children on trick-or-treat walks and restrict Halloween activities to military housing communities. An adult must accompany children under 12 years old at all times.


Children are also required to carry a flashlight, glow stick, or batter-operated lantern while trick-or-treating. Flames and candles are not permitted. In addition, escorts are encouraged to wear light or reflective clothing and guide their trick-or-treaters to well-lit areas and homes.


Residents handing out Halloween treats should keep their porches or stairwell entrances well-lit and free of obstacles. Residents in stairwells should plan to present candy at the stairwell entrances.



Safety tips for parents and children:


  • Remind children to only cross streets at corners and to never cross between parked cars.


  • Remind children to remove their masks before crossing the street.


  • Remind children to walk on the side of the road facing oncoming traffic if there is no sidewalk available.


  • Remind children to be aware of cars that may be turning into, or backing out of, driveways.


  • Remind children to never go into a stranger’s house.


  • Parents should make sure their children are accompanied by an adult.


  • Parents should know their child’s Halloween plans and the routes they intend to take.


  • Parents should set a curfew or time limit for their child’s return.


  • Parents should know what other activities, such as parties, their child will be attending.


  • Parents should explain to their children the difference between tricks and vandalism.


  • Parents should inspect their child’s candy before consumption.



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Emergency numbers:


  • Military Police: 09641-83-110 for Grafenwoehr; 09662-83-110 for Vilseck, Hohenfels and Garmisch


  • German Polizei: 110


  • Ambulance and Fire Department: 112


Questions concerning Halloween security? Contact the Directorate of Emergency Services in Grafenwoehr at 09662-83-3398, Hohenfels at 09472-83-2812 or Garmisch at 08821-750-3801.